Hospice Care/Palliative Care

Hospice and Palliative care are end of life options.  Hospice is initiated when a person’s life expectancy is six months or less.  It is designed to keep the patient comfortable but no long​er​ pursuing options to prolong life.  Palliative care is designed to meet the needs of a person with a serious or life threatening health condition but is still receiving treatment.
Hospice is not a place but a concept of care. Letting go of a loved one is never easy. The hospice concept helps ease the transition, though nothing can make the transition painless. 
Eighty percent of Portland's hospice care is provided ​in​ your or your loved one's home, a close family member's home or in a nursing home.  ​Hospice is routinely offered at Adult Care Homes and in Assisted Living and Memory Care communities as well.  ​In-patient hospice facilities are​ uncommon. 
Hospice care provides pain and symptom control, home care, social and spiritual support, coordination of care, respite care and bereavement care. 
Active treatment of the disease is no longer provided.  The cost of hospice is covered by Medicare and health insurance but it does not pay for 24 hour care. 
Palliative care continues treatment of a disease while providing additional support for the patient to provide comfort and quality of life.  The cost of palliative care is covered by Medicare and health insurance and does not require a terminal diagnosis. 
Adult Placement Network can help you connect with Hospice and Palliative Care options in a variety of settings.