Our Team

Welcome to Adult Placement Network

Michele Fiasca Owner and Founder: My name is Michele Fiasca and I am owner and founder of Adult Placement Network (APN).  It all began back in 1997 when I became an Operator of an Adult Care Home and then started my own placement and referral agency.  After 18+ years of helping families find appropriate care settings for their loved ones, it still thrills me when I am able to assist a family in finding a great match. It has been my honor and privilege to serve hundreds of families and look forward to assisting you.

Trina Olson Family Advisor: ​ ​  ​I have always adored the elderly. ​ ​As a young child I remember learning from my grandma, great aunts and uncles.  ​As an adult I ​became interested in dementia when my mother was diagnosed ​in 2005.  ​My passion led me to ​complete​ certification in gerontology ​in 2014 and after doing a stint as a caregiver ​for my sister’s in-laws, I joined​ ​the ​Adult Placement Network team.  I ​feel a ​sense of​ satisfaction in helping families find the care setting where their loved one will thrive, not just survive.​  I believe it is our responsibility to care for those who have come before us. My contribution is to ​assist them in ​finding their new home.