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 There are over 1,200 Senior Care Settings in Portland , OR.

Are you ready to spend weeks researching and taking tours of facilities that don't meet your needs?

Let Adult Placement Network filter out those senior care options that don't meet your needs. Our professional elder care Portland resources put all the information you need just a phone call away at 503-659-2029.

Do you have aging parents?  

Do you know your Portland elder care options?

The decisions loving children must make today are difficult. Bringing a parent into your home may have been an option in the past, yet it is so rarely a choice that works with today's hectic lifestyle. So many factors contribute to the challenge of finding a Portland elder care option.

Your loved one may need elder day care, elder home care or elder health care. Connecting to the right people in Portland for your parent's specific needs can be so much easier if you turn to Adult Placement Network.  Learn more by contacting us today.

Do you have a disability or care for someone with a disability? 

Do you know where to find Portland home health care?

Independence is something very precious. Sometimes all it takes to remain in your own Portland home is a connection with the right services. Adult Placement Network will help you find the home health care and other disability services that will help you stay in your home for as long as possible.  Learn more by calling us at 503-659-2029 today.

Do you live a long distance from your family?

Do you know which Portland retirement housing choice is the best?

This can be a major concern. Stories abound of senior care facilities and nursing homes where abuse occurs regularly. Adult Placement Network screens each senior care, assisted living and retirement community carefully to ensure that your loved one will be in a safe and enjoyable place.  Learn more by contacting us today.

We Take the Helpless Feelings Away

By empowering you with targeted information that fits your specific situation, we help you retain control of your life. We'll guide you to the right option for you or your loved one's long-term care needs:

Turn to Adult Placement Network Today for Portland Elder Care Assistance.

Control over your future is only a phone call away at 503-659-2029.